What the Tech: The Marqeta Merchant experience

By Clark Huang, Chief Technology Officer

No infrastructure investment required. No training investment required. These are two bold statements that are crucial to Marqeta’s adoption by merchants. Our Marqeta product development team has been working hard over the last year to bring them to reality.

How did we eliminate the need for merchants to invest in any additional infrastructure? We started by becoming a Discover certified card processor. Thanks to our relationship with Discover, any merchants that currently accept Discover cards are ready to accept the Marqeta card. This was arguably the most basic and the most important technical accomplishment we’ve made in the past year.

But the past year hasn’t been all about building the basics. We’ve also spent countless hours implementing the technology necessary to reward consumers for committing their pre-paid dollars and to give merchants more than they’ve come to expect. We developed our campaign and offer tools to be incredibly dynamic to suit the business needs of any potential merchant partner. We created a set-up process that’s as easy and guided as possible.

And while it’s simple to get started using our systems, we’ve also equipped the Marqeta merchant portal with tools and resources that make the experience even easier. For example, using the “Marqeta 101” tutorial module, merchants gain access to a library of sample Marqeta campaigns, tools to calculate ROI and detailed information flows of how funds are moving and accounted for. The contracting process is similarly streamlined, and can be as digital as desired.

So ease of use was of critical importance to us, but we also worked to build a system that grants merchants access to rich transactional data. The Marqeta reporting and analytics tool uses the data from online spending and offline transactions in tandem, enabling merchants to track how many consumers have taken Marqeta offers, how much has been pre-spent on an offer and how much has been purchased at store locations or Online.

We’ll always keep you posted on updates and new functions and features of the merchant tool. A system like this is never “done.” As we continue to work hard behind the scenes to bring merchants and consumers together in a better, more beneficial way, we want to hear from you: What new features would you like to see on Marqeta? What’s working well and what’s not working so well? Your feedback is incredibly valuable to us.

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